Strength of Task Limited

Task Limited is stronger than others company. The key point is all of our members are experienced with professional sector. Our strong management teams are all working together to ensure the quality of service.

* Engineers/Developers:

Our engineers are expert with top brand mobile phone Company like NOKIA, MOTOROLA, LG, SAMSUNG and some others. Engineers are well trained by Mobile Phone Manufacturer Companies and they know the value of customers, and this is the strongest team for Bangladesh. Our Software developer teams are more expert then others. Most of them start their programming life with microcontroller programming. They know the actual I/O method between hardware and software. Our developer's teams are closely connected with R&D and they happily spend their time to learn new technology. New platform and languages are willingly welcome by our developers.

* Customer support:

Our strong customer support team is well trained by international organization. All are practically experienced with world class customer service. They know the feelings of valued customer & able to find the perfect needed for a customer.

* Trainer:

The training and practical implementation method is different than others. Our training method is not traditional system. We find the interactive and both way training method which can improve the trainee very quickly. We implement the post training support. By this support a trainee can get help any time for any technical issue.

* Backend:

We keep the feedback from each trainee. Our strong database system can track the week and strong side of each trainee. Our backend teams are doing analysis for weak point & try to solve that trainee.

* R&D:

We already informed a lot of limitation from our practical experience. We know the alternate and cheapest solution for them. Our R&D teams are always working to find the best way for client.

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House: 15/1, Road: 11
Mohammadia Housing Society
Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207