Last updated: 2015-05-31 01:46 PM

Core Features of TASK LIMITED

TASK LIMITED is the ultimate tools to operate your Educational institute very easily.

User Management

There are Six types of users are allowed in TASK LIMITED.

  • Organization : The Master ID for the Institute. Can manage All Branch, Class, Subjects, Logo, Certificate, Users etc.
  • Principal : Can manage own Branch, Exam, Quiz, Users, Student, Account, Report etc.
  • Accounts : Collect Student payments, Maintain Daily expenses, Student Management, Finencial report etc.
  • Teachers : Manage Exam/Test, Issue Score card, Attendance etc.
  • Bank : Collect Student Payments
  • Student : Attend Quiz/Exam, Exam result, Certificate, Payment history, Attendance history etc.

ID Card

TASK LIMITED offered you to Create ID Card for Students and Management very easily.
Every ID card comes with unique ID with barcode . This can help for Attendance/Verify the user.
Any Principal or Accounts can Issue ID card ( PDF file) and print from any printer.


Maintain Attendance for your students in daily or every classes.
Attendance also possible by ID card with a barcode scanner.
Guardians/Parents can see the Attendance report from Students portal.
Easily Send SMS/Web notification for absent students.


Notify guardian/parents by SMS and web.
Payment information, Attendance, Common notice, and individual notice can send over SMS.

Let guardian know the latest information regarding their child from home.


Institute can operate unlimited QUIZ for their Students. Students can perticepate Quizes at anytime from anywhere over internet.

Four types of Quiz are available in every module (Practice, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).

A certificate will automatically issued to student after achive the minimum score for every Certified Quiz.


Institute can operate unlimited Exam by TASK LIMITED.
An Exam can be for All classes or only any single classes.

Student can apply for Exam from their module or Teacher can invite them.

Admit card will issued automatically after approved by Teacher or Accounts (After payment verification).

Score Card will prepare with Automatic Greading system (Calculate as Bangladesh Educational Board).

Tabulation Sheet can help to find the Student performance very easily.

A Certificate will issued automatically after complete any Certified Exam.
Certificate will generate with unique number and barcode. This will protect any kinds of alteration by unauthorized person.


Institute can upload unlimited Note, sugestion, Book or others educational referance manual from Institute portal.

The E document can be use with any Test/Exam.
Students can download those files only after get approval for the related Exam.


Receive payments from Students.

Maintain Daily Expanses.

Bank module for collecting students payment.

Branch and Category wise Realtime reporting.

Class/Student wise reporting.

Support module

Student can ask Question to any Teachers from their own portal.

Teachers can reply the answer at anytime.
Principal also can reply on behalf of teachers.


Every users have to log with own ID.

All the activities are realtime and visible in Principal module.

ID card generate with unique ID and Bar code.

Certificate generate with unique ID and Bar code.

Certificate and ID card can verify from web. Sample ID Card number: I945B9EDA
Sample Certificate Issuer Institite ID: task
Certificate ID : C2D4678DFA
Use this to see how verification works.

Finencial transections are updated instantly.

Educational activities can be monitored by gurdian from anywhere at anytime.